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Product Name Arginine
Product Category Industrial Supplies & Machinery » Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery » Chemical Machinery & Parts
Product Keyword Arginine
Product Origin China [CN]

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Speaking of the human body, Arginine may in in vivo synthesis, therefore it certainly is not the essential amino acid. But regarding the baby, it is unable in the in vivo sufficient synthesis, must absorb by food. Arginine participates the many physiological actions in the human body: For example in the liver the ammonia metabolism, spermatozoon's formation, the wound heals with the immunity system maintenance and so on, also is the ingredient which the muscle forms. Arginine already may voluntarily synthesize in in vivo, also easily obtains from the diet, therefore we certainly do not recommend Arginine preparation. It is not cheap, and many effects also have several question marks, moreover whether can affect the balance in vivo amino acid, also is one big question. You can’t buy Arginine in the general pharmacy, also has Arginine duplicate side and amino acid preparation which with other amino acids matches. In overseas Arginine is used by some athletes. But these all have the specialty public figure (for example movement nutrition teacher) instructs, if the common populace voluntarily take us from the overseas purchase especially do not suggest